GamefulHeroes מִשְׂחוּק העתיד

Amazon Gaming, Gamification & Games for Kids

February 3, 2019

Dr. Hanan Gazit Ph.D. is hosting Ziv Lavee, former Eye Click Senior Q&A, Avid Gamer at Work and Games Studies fellow researcher. On this #GamefulHeroes episode, Ziv and Hanan discuss the British Army campaign for gamers, Amazon Gaming new MMO, WOW, Black Mirror's Bandersnatch Netflix's Movie gamification (no spoilers;-), Blockchain and the future of Gaming, Eye Click's gamification solutions for business and Video games for Kids in hospitals. Game-On!

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Opening cue: Meirav Frakash-Sahad [in Heb]
Music: Mighty Eight Bit Ranger &Free From the Matrix via
Closing - Alon Kaplan

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